Selasa, 12 Januari 2010


Living together with family is one of wonderful experience. Moreover, young people will be able to rely much on their parents in terms of food, clothing, and shelter. However, some of them think the opposite. They feel free and independent if they can support their expenditure by themselves. In my opinion, being independent is more challenging for some reasons.

First, young adult will be able to decide their own dreams. Since they have enough knowledge and experience how to solve the problem and to earn money, they can easily decide their own goals. For example, when they want to be a trader, they can build the relation and communication with their friends directly without being burdened by the permission from parents. They may go wherever and whenever they require as long as they consider beneficial.

Second, they can reduce the tension with the parents. It is quite common that young adults have the problems with their parents. They feel that parents too much control their activities. As a result, parents are often angry with them and the young adult feel disappointed by this attitudes. Therefore, living independently may become a wise solution to reduce the tension among them.

Third, young people will have more experience and responsibility. For instance, when they want to have a car, they just ask parents. They do not have the chance to experience the process to have a car. Furthermore, they just ride the car and do not understand how to maintain the machine. They lack the sense of responsibility since they just rely on parents' role. Therefore, the longer they stay with parents, the less experience and responsibility they have.

Finally, young people may choose their preference whether they want to live together with the parents or they stay away from them. For me, independent life when possible is better than dependent life with family since it will help young people have more responsibility and experience to prepare for their future.

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