Kamis, 25 Juni 2009


Nowadays, almost all of us realize that education is one of our basic need besides food, clothes, and shelter. We usually try and give an effort without doubt to achieve the highest level of education in the framework of getting a better life in the future. Basically, parents tend to give the best education for their children. Some of them feel better to bring boys and girls up in the same way. Yet others believe that children learn better if they are educated separately. Both sides have some arguments supporting their idea.

Some parents base their opinion on the evidence that boys and girls educated together have a higher motivation and a better competition. Furthermore, boys and girls have an equal chance to improve both quantity and quality of knowledge as long as possible. In addition, they may also enjoy a real life around them.

In contrast, the second set of parents prefer separating boys and girls while educating them. They think boys and girls brought up in a different way have more concentration and learn better. As a result, they can focus all attention on studying well.

After considering both opinions, I tend to agree the first one that boys and girls should be educated together. It seems more useful and more humane. However, we have to watch out for the unexpected cases, for instance, sexual abuse and bullying. Hence, we should minimize those negative effects by giving an adequate and comprehensive education as well as increasing self-reliance and consciousness.

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