Rabu, 17 Februari 2010


Friendship is one of the main sources of happiness. We may share our stories and experience with them. When we are away from our big family, we will feel lonely for sure and friends in this case play a significant role to reduce the loneliness.
However, there are two major types of friends: boring or inspiring friends.

Boring friends are people who are always in our surroundings but they cannot give the happiness to us. Instead, they often make our life in trouble. They do not understand our current situation since they think that we belong to them. They use our motorcycle or even clothes without permission. Also they eat a lot of food in our room without feeling guilty. They just make their own life fun regardless of other people’s happiness. When we are sad or have some problems, they keep distance from us and even say goodbye. Those are the typical characters of boring colleagues.

In contrast, inspiring friends are those who may comprehend our psychological situations. They are very helpful since they put our position as a part of their own souls. They know that we have to share the happiness as well as the sadness. They sincerely help us whenever we need to. They often give the best of their belongings to us. When we are in trouble, they will put us in the first priority without regard to their own business. Once we get stuck, they always provide various ways of solutions. They are like the sun, which consistently pours the light for all creatures in the world. They are the real inspiring friends, who undoubtedly inspire others to reach a better life.

Finally, we may determine our position to become whether boring friends or inspiring ones. The choice will be fairly based on our ending goal of life. Nevertheless, inspiring friend will be the best choice for those who want to dedicate a wide range of benefits to others.

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